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Being a professional mermaid isn’t an easy task. It isn’t “Hey everyone, I’m a professional mermaid, hire me!” and you get TONS and TONS of work. It’s EXTREMELY hard to get exposure. EXTREMELY HARD!!!!!!!

Now, mermaids don’t do this because “ooh, mermaid tails, how pretty. I want one, yay…

krakkenchaos Asked:
I'm very sorry if this is rude or offensive, I'm just curious. What exactly IS the mermaid community? Is it a photography thing? Is it an aesthetic thing? Is it a religious thing? Is it a performance thing? Is it an identity thing? Is it something else entirely? Again I'm sorry if this is rude; I've been following you for a while and I enjoy your blog, I just don't think I really understand it.


no offense taken! the mermaid community is a group of people across the world who dress up like mermaids and mermen and swim like real life merpeople in fully swimmable mermaid tails. Merfolk also advocate for ocean conservation and acceptance of all types of unique individuals. Many merfolk dress up and swim as mermaids and merman for many different reasons but here’s why I do it…

For me  being a mermaid is fulfilling my childhood dream and expressing my individuality. My first and foremost reason for being a mermaid (I know I’m not a real mermaid just to get that straight) is to create magic for people. That magic often comes alive through photo shoots, birthday parties and other performances as well as the way I dress and act towards others and the environment in my every day life. I train myself to hold my breath for long periods of time so I can stay underwater for photo shoots and other swimming activities

Just think of being a professional mermaid as being sort of an actress. you have a character and you have to embody them on and off screen. Hope that helps!


Merlissa the Mermaid at the Oregon Renaissance Fair!

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Ice Bucket Challenge : Real Mermaid Edition

I did the ice bucket challenge, I was nominated by suchbeautyandyetdeadly. I nominate mermaids-101, mermaidiona, rainamermaid, & newyorkmermaid

Haha, you’re so cute! XD
Thank you for thinking of me! But sadly ice water is a major pain trigger for me. I even have to ask people to fish drinks out of ice coolers for me, and can’t ice an injury unless I want to deal with nerve pain all day and night. The ice bucket challenge is not fibro friendly :P

I donated before, but am glad to donate again :)

"Search for beauty, find your shore." -Tuomas HolopainenPhoto by Kim Lomman Photography. Iona the MermaidFacebook ☆ YouTube ☆ Tumblr ☆ Instagram ☆ Etsy ☆ deviantARTMermaid CyaneaFacebookMermaid OctaviaFacebook

"Search for beauty, find your shore." -Tuomas Holopainen
Photo by Kim Lomman Photography. 

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Mermaid Cyanea

Mermaid Octavia

I dropped $100 on sea shells.. again :P #mermaidlife #imayhaveaproblem

How to Save for a Mermaid Tail

I get SO many people asking me how they can save for a mermaid tail. Here’s a whole list of ways on how to save for a tail!

Who knew? A clam cleaning station is the perfect place to wash off all the sand from your tail after a day on the beach!Iona the MermaidFacebook ☆ YouTube ☆ Tumblr ☆ Instagram ☆ Etsy ☆ deviantART

Who knew? A clam cleaning station is the perfect place to wash off all the sand from your tail after a day on the beach!

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Shark Week Lied to Scientists to Get Them to Appear in "Documentaries"


I never new this, I’m both disappointed and yet unsurprised.